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As a team, we each have a significant role to play; we each have a gift to offer; we each are a piece of the puzzle for the greater picture. Our team is made up of many different people, from janitors to creative writers, and we are excited to see where you fit in.  Check our opportunities below and see what role you can play in transforming young people's lives.  If you want to get involved, let's meet for coffee, which is always on us, and we can begin the process of you joining our amazing family. 

Team Positions (Volunteer)

Drop in Centre  (Ages 20+)

Roles: Hanging out with young people during after school hours| Commitment: Min1 day/week 2:20-5:30 

Maintenance and Janitorial (Ages 14+) (Filled)

Roles: Cleaning facility, repairing things when needed  | Commitment: Min1 day/week  | Requirement: Experience in role.

Youth Team (Ages 14-18)

Roles: Planning, Peer to Peer Engagement at Drop in and other events | Commitment: Min 1 day/week 2:20-5:30, Max 2 days/week.

Y1 Creative (Ages 14+)

Roles: Video, Graphic design, lighting, writing, web maintenance, audio etc | Commitment:Will determine on individual basis | Requirements: Experience in Role

Administrative (Ages 14+) - (Filled)

Roles:  Youth Info Filing, Scheduling, Registration, Fundraiser prep, general email, &c. | Commitment : Will determine on individual basis | Requirements: Experience in Role

Black Tie Fundraiser Leadership Team (Ages 18+) - (Accepting for fall of 2017)

Roles: Annual Fundraiser planning and executing | Commitment : Will determine | Requirements: Experience in Field

Skate Team (Ages 20+) (Filled)

Roles: Plan and deliver skateboard nights for community youth. | Commitment : 2 days a month

Fundraising (Ages 18+)

Roles:  Funding development, donor and business communications | Commitment : Will determine | Requirements: Experience in Field



  • All team members are encouraged to be in attendance for our monthly team nights. 
  • Criminal intervention check and child welfare check
  • Sign off and agree to all team member forms
  • Agree to fulfill team culture code and mission.



How young or old do I have to be?

We accept applications from anyone between the ages of 14 +.  Some of our programs will require you to be older, but we will make sure to let you know if that is the case.  


What are the other requirements?

We require that all team members complete a criminal record check and child welfare check. Team members will also need to fill out and sign our team package and commitment forms.  (It's not too bad!)


What is the commitment level?

We ask that all of our team members try to commit to a full year, with a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week.  We know this does not always work out perfectly and life happens, but we ask that you try your best in not just committing to Youth One but more importantly to the young people we are hanging out with.  


What is the importance of the Culture Code and Mission?

We live and breathe our culture code and mission. This is what makes or breaks us as a team and as an organization. We have labelled 12 cultural codes that we see as very valuable for the short/longterm movement and health of the organization.  As a team we strive to be live this culture day in and day out.  If you have any questions regarding the culture code, make sure to ask us!


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