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What makes us different then any other Organization?  

Well to start, we are are completely community funded, which means without your support we can't do what we do. Our funding is a mix of individuals, businesses, and organizations that come together, creating sustainability using a community funding model. Regardless of the amount, your giving has significant value. We take pride in those who join our giving team, and make sure that we brag about you on all of our different platforms. If you would rather stay anonymous we are also good at keeping secrets!  

Monthly or Annual? 

We get asked this a lot. Monthly giving helps us plan ahead when we know what is coming in. It helps create more sustainability when funds are coming in consistently. Monthly is also hassle free as it can be withdrawn automatically. We understand this is not a fit for every business, so we also accept any other method of donation, whether that be quarterly or annually.  

Do you advertise our business?

We do our best to make sure the community knows you give generously. For all sponsors an initial picture of the sponsorship will be posted on all of our media platforms. Your logo will also be posted on our website as a Business supporter. 

Can we host a business fundraiser for you?  

What a great idea! We are pumped when businesses or organizations want to do this. If this is something you would like to do, please contact us to discuss the possibilities and guidelines. 

Other questions?  We would love to chat casually over a meeting. Coffee is on us!