A place for youth to belong and become their best.

Groups - Where you can make friends, do life together with others and grow as a person.

We offer small community groups for youth, based off similar interests and life stages.


 About Groups

Groups are one of the two main entities of Youth One. Groups gives a chance for youth to join a smaller community where they can build friendships, grow personally, and do life with others. Most groups meet on a regular basis throughout the year and are run by Youth One leaders. Groups fall under 3 categories. Core program groups - are larger in nature and are more of a drop-in style of program (Eg. After school drop-in centre, lunch meetings etc) Connections Groups - are smaller in nature and revolve around interests or activities (Eg. Sports, hobbies) Growth Groups - are topical or skill based (Eg. Leadership, Entrepreneurship)

You can sign up for a Youth One Group now! Go to find a group now and look for a group that suits you most. You can add filters based on your preferences.

If you would like more info, please contact us at: (403) 380-4426 or email us at info@youthone.ca