In 2014 we launched Youth One, giving young people an accessible, safe, fun and free place to hang out after school.  What we didn't realize at the time is how quickly it would gain support locally, provincially and even internationally.  Now, Youth One has become much more then just a drop in centre. It has become a community, offering support, services and programs; all of it gathered together in one place to give young people the most opportunity in life.  We hope that with the influence with which we have been entrusted, we will build up our young people, and they in turn will influence their communities and the world.  




Radical love, No conditions, One journey at a time. 



A world where all young people experience life-giving community through life-giving relationships.


Our Life-Giving Journey

Life Engaging | Life Empowering | Life Equipping | Life Entrusting


Our Team Culture Code

We are a youth led movement

It looks like: We are a youthful community that believe our combined talents, passions, and hearts will be the catalyst to a significant shift in youth culture. 

We are all about the one

It looks like:  Its 100% about the journey, the story, and the unique individual living it out. Treating our young people as people not projects.

We find joy in passing the baton

It looks like:  Moving forward means moving over, equipping each other to lead and lead well. I do -> We do -> You do.

We honour each other through thick and thin

It looks like: Representing each other really well, backing each other up, celebrating each other, trusting each other.

We build bridges not walls

It looks like: Value in collaboration. Working together to accomplish more as a team and as a community. 

We go beyond the deep waters

It looks like:  We believe there is unchartered territory to be discovered, so we embrace the curious. We give permission to fail, staying current, creative and innovative. 

We leap forward with boldness and grit

It looks like: We are all in, we stick to it, and we have fun doing it.

We lead with humility

It looks like: Its not about you. Always we, not I. 

We set standards that scare us

It looks like: We strive for excellence not perfection. Bringing our best and doing our best in everything.  

We are consistently driven by a relentless love.

It looks like:  Everyday, going far and beyond all expectations to love and support each other.

We are tenacious doers and dreamers

It looks like: We are great in the small, and we are all thinking and dreaming big!

We live and die by the tribe

It looks like: We each have a significant role to play. We rely on each other, we help each other out. Strength in numbers.