In 2014 we launched Youth One, giving young people an accessible, safe, fun and free place to hang out after school.  What we didn't realize at the time is how quickly it would gain support locally, provincially and even internationally.  Now, Youth One has become much more then just a drop in centre. It has become a community, offering support, services and programs; all of it gathered together in one place to give young people the most opportunity in life.  We hope that with the influence with which we have been entrusted, we will build up our young people, and they in turn will influence their communities and the world.  





Radical love, No conditions, One journey at a time. 



A world where all young people experience life change through life giving relationships.


Our Life-Giving Journey

Life Engaging | Life Empowering | Life Equipping | Life Entrusting


Our Team Culture Values

We are a Youth focussed movement

Our uncompromising focal point is young people.

Why? Dedicating our time, energy and resources can unleash a engaged and empowered generation.


We are all about the one

Mentoring relationships is our heartbeat. Doing for one what we wish we could do for all.

Why? Consistent mentorship is a proven road map to overflowing potential.


We will lead the way with radical love

Giving our blood, sweat and tears for the life changing opportunity of someone else.

Why? In a divided and broken world, we a need common way of offering hope.


We go beyond the deep waters

We are big thinking, curiosity embracing, pushing the status quo risk takers.  

Why? By leaving our comfort zone we discover new ways of impacting lives.


We always bring our “B” game

Bringing our BEST.  Not allowing good to get in the way of what could be great.

Why? Pursuing excellence infuses a sense of purpose and confidence in our youth.


We live and die by the tribe

Working as a unit, helping wherever we can, believing the best about each other.

Why? If we TRUST and SERVE each other, everything else thrives.


We keep our eyes on the summit

Asking the question daily, “Am I advancing the core mission, vision and values of Youth One?”

Why? If our alignment is off, our destination changes.