Sponsor a Youth

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Every year we set our sights on making Youth One accessible to every young person that comes through our door, free of charge. This will never change. We are able to do this in many different forms, one of which is through our Youth Sponsorship drives throughout the year.  These sponsorships assist in providing over 2000 hours of access to an inclusive, safe, and empowering environment.  Through consistent mentorship and relationship building, youth can build up who they are, create healthier lifestyles, develop leadership skills, and ultimately experience life change through life giving relationships.  Our 2018 goal is to make Youth One accessible to at least 350 students. 

1 Youth = $350

204 | Remaining

Updated on May 22nd, 2018*   |  2018 GOAL - 350

Where are youth being sponsored in 2018?

Upcoming - Y1 Golf Tourney - 32 youth sponsored (Expected)

Black Tie Event - 145 youth sponsored (April 22nd)

Direct link - 1 youth sponsored



* Updated once a month