A place for youth to belong and become their best.

People, programs and events to help youth thrive.


A youth centre dedicated to providing young people with places of belonging and support to become their best. 

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What makes us so different?

Youth One is taking a growing problem and addressing it with a very simple approach. Today's youth have SO much potential, but many don't have a dedicated community to help them fully live it out. That's why Youth One provides spaces and programs where youth can find belonging and support to become their best.

Youth don't want to just survive in life. They want to become thriving and unstoppable young adults filled with purpose and hope! Who wouldn't want that? To reach that though, youth need a dedicated community where they feel a sense of belonging and support to live out their best.

Here's the HUGE problem. Many youth lack a good support system in their lives that gives them that extra push to live out their full potential. This leaves them feeling stuck, fearful for the future, or even helpless. No youth should have to do life alone or go without support they need. We understand how hard it is for youth to find a community of their own where people believe in them and their future. This is why we created a 100% dedicate space that has seen over 1000 youth in the last 4 years call their second home.

So what does it look like? The steps are pretty simple. 1. Look up - Youth look up what events or small groups we offer and pick one that they suits them most. 2. Show up - They come as they are to the gathering they want to attend. 3. Meet up - As soon as they arrive they get greeted by one of our friendly leaders, and shown around the space. 4. After a few weeks of getting familiar with our programs and space, we start to give the youth opportunities to grow, get plugged in and become a bigger part of the family. Thats it! They look up, show up, meet up, and join up. Our goal is the youth spend their middle school and high school years with us. This gets them plugged in to a supportive and loving community where they can become their best.


Benefits of a place like this


Better Futures.

Drastically improves chances of success in all areas of life.


Better Health.

Builds up healthier homes, schools and communities


Better Lives.

Youth become thriving young adults full of purpose and hope.

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Youth thrive when 3 or more caring adults are involved in their lives.

When a youth has 3 or more caring adults in their lives (besides parents) it :


Decreases mental health issues

Decreases drug and alcohol abuse

Decreases depression

Decreases chances of criminal activity

Increases chances of graduating

Increases desire to be holistically healthy

Increases hope for the future

Increases chances of a successful career



*Research from 40 Developmental Assets/Research Institute.

A youth centre we wish we had when we were students.

We have given over 1000 individual youth in the last 4 years a place to call their 2nd home.

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“Love their heart and purpose to engage the youth in a practical life giving way! Youth one is Solid!”

James Rea | Century 21


3 Steps to invest in youth's future



Learn about the value and impact of Youth One. You can read all the important stuff on this page.


Get Involved

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Now that you’ve joined the Y1 family you get to watch and celebrate the impact YOU are having.

Youth One is an innovative, locally grown charity where the founders are passionate and took personal risks to build something they believe in.

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Diana Render -MNP Regional Managing Partner

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 Local. Innovative. Vision Focussed.

We are a locally grown youth centre with a determined vision for large scale impact.

Its all about what’s important to you

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We share stories, host events and provide updates to keep you informed on the impact of your support.

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We share where your money is going. We strive to keep our admin costs below 10%.

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We are always looking to collaborate with people who want to serve youth better in our community.

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