A place for youth to belong and become their best.


We provide life-changing communities where youth can find belonging and support to become the best version of themselves.


The Story:

In 2014 Youth One was born because we noticed a MAJOR PROBLEM plaguing every community. Youth have SO MUCH potential but the PROBLEM is, many of them don’t have a dedicated community to help them LIVE IT OUT. This is why Youth One provides a youth centre where youth can find BELONGING and SUPPORT to BECOME the best version of themselves.


For this reason, back in 2014, we decided to risk it all by quitting our careers and dedicating ourselves to the cause full time. With no guarantee of funds or success, we passionately pursued the vision we had for youth. This sparked a widespread movement. Now Youth One involves a community of over 500 supporters and team members who give funds and time to provide youth a place of belonging and support. Since then, Youth One has served over 800 individual youth in the last 4 years and continues to grow in impact. Youth One has ignited various youth centre startups throughout Canada and it continues to pioneer a new path for youth services.

The vision:

To raise up a thriving and unstoppable generation by building world class, life-changing youth centres and environments, unleashing all youth to live out their lives full of purpose and hope.


The code:

We are a Youth Led movement

We are not a project with a youth program, we are 100% dedicated to youth and led by youth.

We are all about the one

To unleash individual potential, we build deep and empowering relationships.

We multiply to change the masses

We raise up leaders who create more leaders who change more lives.

We will lead the way with radical love

Loving others unconditionally, especially those that need it most, without distinction and without limits.

We know together is better

We will actively pursue and work with like minded organizations contributing to the surviving and thriving of young people in our city.

We will laugh hard, loud and often

Nothing is more fun than living out your life in purpose with the people you love.

We go beyond the deep waters

We are big thinking, curiosity embracing, pushing the status quo risk takers.  

We always bring our “B” game

Bringing our BEST in everything.  Not allowing good to get in the way of what could be great.

We live and die by the tribe

We will work as a team, helping each other wherever we can, believing the best about each other.

We keep our eyes on the summit

Asking the question daily, “Am I advancing the core mission, vision and values of Youth One?”


Youth One is a proud partner project of BRIDGES OF HOPE NETWORK, focussed on the development and delivery of life-changing youth centres and environments for all young people.

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